Get promoted every 1.5 years or less 🙌🏽

Receive the recognition you deserve. 

Be seen as a leader in every room.


Feel confident and take ownership of your career trajectory.


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Before working with Katrina, I struggled with imposter syndrome and continuously put off asking for the raise I deserved. Katrina has the unique ability to boost your confidence and legitimize your worth using data. She provided the tools I needed, then checked in and held me accountable until I reached my goal. With her coaching, I secured a >30% salary increase and paved the way for future growth conversations with my manager.


Do these statements resonate with you? 

I meet my goals and deliver at a high level, and I'm still not getting promoted. 

I see my peers move up around me while I stay stagnant.

I put in extra effort and hours and still feel unseen, unheard and invisible to senior leadership. 

I've been there. I FEEL YOU. And if you're ready to take control of your career, start getting noticed by leadership, and secure your next career advancement: 

Let's 👏🏼  get 👏🏽  to 👏🏾 work 👏🏿


Hi, I'm Katrina and I'll be your coach.

🏔️ 10 years sales + coaching experience

🏔️ 6 successful raise negotiations

🏔️ 4 promotions in <6 years

Six years ago, I was working the phones as a customer service and sales specialist.

Today, I'm Senior Manager of Sales and Customer Experience Training & Development + CEO and Founder of Coach2Elevate.

Through my own personal success and experience, I’ve developed a simple methodology that enables you to achieve advancement in your career every 1.5 years or less: The 4 Pillars of Promotability.


STOP doing this.

I call this the "Work & Wait" Model. It's a great way to get promoted every 3-5 years...maybe.

Working extra hours and waiting to get recognized. 

Long hours does NOT equal recognition. In fact, it demonstrates an inability to work efficiently – leaders won't feel confident that you can take on more.

Absorbing the work of those around you.

It's not leadership, and it's a great way to get taken advantage of and pigeon-holed at your current level. Why make her a leader when she's such a good workhorse?

Relying on your manager to advocate for you.

Your manager, mentors, and leaders aren't the ones who get you promoted – YOU are. Learn to sell your story and start taking control of your career right now.

Studying at Home

START doing this.

Secure a career advancement every 1-1.5 years utilizing Coach2Elevate's 4 Pillars of Promotability:

Master perception.

Show up as a confident, collaborative, and effective leader in your organization every day.

Leverage visibility. 

Put your name at the top of leadership's "high potential" pile...without working more hours.

Self-advocate effectively.

Discuss your career goals with management and leadership in a way they respect and respond to.

Build a data-driven business case.

Secure your raise or promotion with my airtight business case framework (100% success rate).


Customized 1:1 Career Coaching

Stop spinning your wheels and wondering how to grow, and start transforming your career into a well-oiled promotion machine.

Through years of trial and error, I've honed in on four simple steps that will cut the time to your next promotion in half. 

Imagine NOT having to work more hours, take on more stress and sacrifice time with loved ones to get recognized.

Imagine NOT losing out on $15k+ salary increases every year, simply because you weren't visible enough to leaders. 

Coach2Elevate advances your career and gives you BACK the gift of your time.


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